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Welcome to DBX, a new podcast designed to take us beyond customer experience, digital experience, and into the business of experience.

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If you are are a digital business experience leader, you’re in the right place. Still not sure?

Sales Leaders – change your focus from the product you sell to the outcome you provide

Marketing Leaders – go from making people want things to making things want people

CEOs – go from maximizing profitability to profiting from purpose + experience

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Short, punchy, actionable episodes weekly that speak to the new era of experience in business

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Hosted & Produced by Frank & Kyle

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Kyle Burt:

Kyle Burt here

Frank Rogers:

Frank Rogers here

Kyle Burt:

when I think of the digital business experience I think of this podcast this show who is this show really designed for It's going to be designed for that sales professional that marketing leader that transformation leader inside the company who is trying to accelerate DT digital transformation who knows that CX customer experience is the core of your business Your business is to get customers and to keep customers

Frank Rogers:

Yeah that's right And you know really funny is that the way the world is is often broken down into components where we can wrap our heads around it CX seems to sit in a box And so it sits on somebody's table inside of an organization but to be truly honest that's an antiquated way of looking at it CX digital experience employee experience experience Bottom line is going to be the cutting board for how your organization moves forward and is sustainable

Kyle Burt:

Think about businesses that exist in the world You are in one of two groups You are either a digital business or you're not you've either fully adopted digital or you haven't

Frank Rogers:

Yeah there's there's two sides to that There's an actuality to it Kyle where you have adopted but there's also the perception of do I need to adopt it that's the problem when in that phrase we've created that phrase that says you're either a digital business or you're not is not quite as Clean as it sounds a lot of times we put that on paper and we capitalize not And it's really to show that if you're not thinking about your businesses having some form of digital expression then you may not be a business in the future And that I mean that was proven out in 20 20 super clearly

Kyle Burt:

Looking back on 2020 there were clear winners and losers And the difference was if you look at certain segments like retail traditional brick and mortar companies that are really heavily dependent on the physical not on the digital they're dependent on analog

Frank Rogers:

Well they never perceive themselves As being in the click and mortar genre So as a result they like we are this type of business Correct versus that type of business And that isn't that that polarity honestly that gap right there which creates the greatest level of challenge and risk for businesses today So as we learn out of 2020 I mean you really should be thinking how do you engage with your customer On the daily what are the intervals of single moments of truth or transactional or otherwise engage with people at the right time with the right message on the right channel and take out friction in the process And yet it took a pandemic Think about that the pandemic literally accelerated digital transformation some people thought that it pushed their businesses forward five years

Kyle Burt:

what we witnessed was pretty profound

Frank Rogers:

Profound in every respect

Kyle Burt:

This podcast is for you the digital business leader I want you to reaffirm I want you to say this out loud to yourself right now because that's going to be kind of weird and awkward but say to yourself I am a digital business leader I am a digital business because it starts in the mind It starts in the perception of how you perceive yourself I don't care what industry you're in I don't care what business you're in Everyone's doing something to make money to make a living to get by no matter what that is I want you to tell yourself that you are a digital business

Frank Rogers:

Yeah And you know what it was really interesting about that is say it out loud write it down because you're right You have to express it in some way shape or form reinforce it because inside of your business no matter who you are let's say for example you are that that digital business chief you are wearing somewhat of a CX badge inside the business You're viewed in that light but then there's other people inside the organization Maybe if they're a CFO maybe it's a CEO that look at that as a component of their business they don't see it as central there's something in the process of digital transformation that requires sponsorship in a culture That's going to really adapt that as being their moniker and their drive

Kyle Burt:

Yeah Well said

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