DBX 3 – We Agree on CX, Good. How about Frameworks?

Technology alone won’t save you or make you better. Adopting frameworks and strategies are key.

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Frank Rogers:

We agree on CX Good What does that mean and now once we know what that means and what we need to do how do we do it. Here's the one thing that's like I think it's really always really interesting is that there's a lot of technologies out there that people think like we'll go get this technology. I use Salesforce for example I mean it is the 800 pound gorilla And for good reason like they took the air out of the balloon When they came into the marketplace they didn't deliver a solution that said this is how you're supposed to do a pipeline for sales They created a framework and you went in and you were able to squish it up into something that looks more like you But utilize tools that they gave you that you never had before And it was pretty awesome And but but that technology that exists right there is not going to solve the problem at the end of the day Like there's going to be things that you need to integrate with thing processes that you need to change messaging that needs to be reshaped technology is one component It's an enabler but buying the technology and thinking that you're done for all those people that invested in Salesforce over the last decade they get down the road and it's a refactoring time because they realize they need to make a change

Kyle Burt:

With Salesforce you're buying a shell you're buying a framework you're buying a method you're buying an empty slate That is to be molded And those frameworks those platforms they're super important They're critical without them you can't build upon your business architecture the way that you're going to move about the market Can't do so without it it's interesting to see how various companies build that stack differently and how some have Failed trying and how others have failed and succeeded in that failure And continues to iterate upon on that

Frank Rogers:

I think one of the things that part of the digital business experience touches on but also part of the Accordo story is a lot of the Acordo story is really built on like the how defining what needs to be done is a big part of what we do But part of the secret is in in how you do it because that's where and and and really some of that is like rooted in where like digital transformation has Like failed over time Like there's if you look at another case in point we'll look at like an SAP SAP is a really good I mean when they came out they really literally changed the entire ERP market space and you and people would drop $5 million on licenses and $25 million in implementation And if you ever talk to any of those people and debrief them after the end of an implementation It was as if their their life had been turned upside down like they literally had almost needed counseling as they came out of the back end of it It was traumatic and and it shouldn't be that way Right and so like digital transformation has to change in terms of like becoming like less friction smaller componentry Like more interim measurement and course change We have to work into being like what's agile And that's what today is today is about implementation is one by having an MVP and by having a clear and reasonable expectation and then having a short delivery timeline and then being able to measure it

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