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In the end, Acuerdo and team proved their value by ramping quickly, by challenging us to think bigger, and by providing much needed clarity to our business challenges. We would work with Acuerdo and their partners again without question!

Basile Senesi

VP of Sales & Operations - Fundbox

one mission

We Simplify Finding, Buying, and Optimizing Customer Experience Technology

Consulting, platform selection & technology pairing with development & integration fully orchestrated.


+ BI + AI =Results

Integrate customer experience with your SEP, CRM, & CSM to improve conversion, amplify engagement, and obtain critical insights.


Our CX Approach

Get customers

Keep customers


True Business Outcomes



/ dij-i-tl, awr-kuh-strey-shuhn /


the composition or arrangement of digital platforms, development, integrations, and processes used in a company’s technology stack. 

It is the result of a concerted effort to bring about positive change to organizations that are leveraging digital platforms to get and keep customers.

Tuesdays at 11am central (1)

Frank Rogers

Fintech Practice Lead & co-founder

Fintech @Acuerdo= Fintech + Insurtech + Proptech + FinServ Digital Transformation

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